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Elevate your expectations. Immerse yourself in high-performance living. Reimagine how you move, eat, and sleep in the heart of New York City’s newly formed cultural crucible. Stay exceptional.

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In the Room

Designed to anticipate and meet every need, leaving you primed to perform in ways you never thought possible. Your temple to total rejuvenation awaits: dark, quiet, and cool.

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On the Menu

Savor all that is hedonistic, local, and real. All day and all night, with all the right ingredients. Hyper-seasonal fare designed to promote renewal and recovery while inducing pure pleasure.



Equinox Club

Discover the world’s most advanced fitness experiences, 24 hours a day. Innovative classes. Sublime amenities. Personal training that makes the impossible happen. Camp Equinox Concierge is available to advise on classes and scheduling.




Spa by Equinox Hotels redefines the art and science of regeneration. For recovery and a haven for restoration. Maximize every moment with personalized experiences that combine advanced technologies and potent treatments with ancient healing practices and the art of human touch. Rituals reimagined.


Elevate your experience with special savings of 30% on select suites—but only for a limited time.

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