Cropped view of bedding with 2 pillows in equinox hotel room to the left. Vase of white flowers and window to the right.

Dark. Quiet. Cool.

Designed with your performance and regeneration in mind, every room is an oasis: dark, quiet, and cool.

The difference is in the details, borrowed from residential living at its best, including total soundproofing, next-generation blackout blinds, and integrated technology for effortless personalization. Optimize restoration in a king-sized bed layered with temperature-regulating natural fibers, and make the most of every resting moment with the help of an Equinox Sleep Coach.

Close up, low angle picture of 2 mirrors in a triangular angle.
Close up image of side table, books, and a golden statue in the Equinox Hotels room.
Close up shot of Equinox hotels bathroom's marble bench and glass shower door ro its right.
Close up image of marble tabletop with an espresso cup and saucer with a bit of light coming through.
Close up, top-down and low angle view of a glass shower door opening up in the bathroom. Bathroom floors are marble floors.
Close up shot of Equinox Hotels bed pillow with light coming in. Headboard and wall are visible.
Close up shot of Equinox Hotels room with the couch and a vase with white flowers next to it.
Close up of hanging light fixture in the Equinox Hotels room.
Close up detail view of the end of a couch next to a stool that has a black vase with white flowers hanging over.


Ensure that every night of sleep is a dream come true.

With a high-grade STC (Sound Transmission Classification), each room is a quiet, calming chamber for truly restorative rest. Our proprietary sleep system includes mattresses handcrafted from natural materials. Free of metal springs, they alternate more supportive layers with more elastic ones to adapt perfectly to your unique shape and form.

Close up  of white bed in an equinox hotel room with headboard and bathroom to its right.


Come clean with a shower that proves three heads are better than one.

A rainforest head, fixed head, and handheld head deliver a full-spectrum experience. Transform your routine into a ritual with our exclusive Body Cleanser duo. Created in collaboration with biocompatible beauty leader Grown Alchemist, these sensuous AM and PM shower gels are infused with aromatic herbs, of which some grow along the High Line.

Equinox Hotels bedroom, light slowly cascading to the bed and bathroom with a glass shower to the left, mirror straight ahead.


We do healthy and hedonistic.

Satisfy any craving, at any time. From high-performance breakfasts and nourishing dinners to sleep-promoting and after-hours menus, every option is informed by cutting-edge research. Savor hyper-seasonal fare designed to promote renewal and recovery while inducing pure pleasure. Raid your RoomBar for a curated collection of next-level snacks, beverages, supplements, and more.

Equinox Hotels bedroom, light slowly cascading to the bed and bathroom with a glass shower to the left, mirror straight ahead.


Wind down or wake up.

Choose from rituals designed to get you moving in the morning or to promote a more restful night’s sleep. Accompanied by an in-room guide these rituals are supported by yoga accessories and massage essentials in your room’s EQX Regenerative Toolkit.

Top-down view of woman in silk dress lying in bed with her body facing up and her head turned to the side, partially on the pillow.