Watch a trippy Nick Knight-shot film featuring a boxing Naomi Campbell

Model Naomi Campbell has her 2 hands in a fist with her eyes closed. Her hair is in long pigtails and she has her eyes closed. She is standing in front of a colorful background.

Naomi Campbell is the star of a new short film by fashion photographer Nick Knight of SHOWstudio. It forms part of a campaign for Equinox Hotels, which is an extension of the luxury fitness club company that is frequented by celebrities around the world. In the futuristic film, the 48-year-old model embarks on a series of dynamic stretches and dance moves while inside a bespoke mirrored box before ultimately metamorphosing into an avatar. Speaking about her inclusion in the campaign, Campbell explains that it’s an embodiment of her own personal commitment to health and fitness.

Source: Dazed Digital Published on: Tue Feb, 5
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