Naomi Campbell to Appear in Equinox Hotel Campaign

Model Naomi campbell is looking to one side of the room with her right hand up and left arm extended horizontally. She is standing in front of a bright background.

Equinox is turning up the volume in anticipation of the opening of its first hotel this summer.

Today, the high-end sports club will unveil a short film from Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio that features Naomi Campbell and is intended to highlight the company’s “high-performance living.”

In the 3:24 film, Campbell is pictured in a bespoke mirrored box the size of an Equinox Hotels Studio room. The video is broken down into three separate segments. The first, Move, shows her stretching, boxing and jogging in place. That’s followed by Nutrition, which shows close-ups of her biting down on pieces of fruit. The final portion, Dream, is more surreal, showing her twirling in a long white outfit and a headband before she walks purposefully across a kaleidoscope-like screen, where she conceptually breaks through the glass in the room.

Source: WWD Published on: Mon Feb, 4
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