Inside the ‘Ultimate High-Performance Luxury Lifestyle’ Experience at the New Equinox Hotel

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The bed was crafted by Greeks. Credit Scandinavians for the duvet cover.

The mattress comes with buzzwords including “charcoal,” “horsehair,” “coconut,” and “seaweed.” The bed I am looking at is displayed in a showcase room at a newly constructed luxury hotel along the Hudson River, the first ever by luxury fitness club operator Equinox.

Equinox’s so-called proprietary sleep system sounds preposterous, but when I touch the duvet, it is alluringly comfortable and serene. And that’s the general gist of my tour of the first Equinox-branded hotel. It seesaws between over-the-top alignment with the Equinox brand and undeniable enticement.

Source: Published on: Sat Jul, 20
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