Naomi Campbell on Working Out, Staying In, and Her Surreal New Equinox Campaign

Nick Knight can still remember every detail of the first time he met Naomi Campbell. “The first time was for the designer Yohji Yamamato and it was in 1986 in Paris. I remember it very well,” said the famed British photographer. “She arrived at the studio with a cassette from her friend Prince, and it was a tape of one of his albums that nobody had ever heard before. She put it on and danced to that in a beautiful scarlet Yohji Yamamato coat. She was then, as she is now, incredibly beautiful, and as a photographer, is a joy to work with.” Now, some 30 years later, the pair have reunited once again, this time coming together for a campaign to launch the Equinox Hotels brand.

Source: W Magazine Published on: Mon Feb, 5
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