Equinox Hotels’ New Campaign Features Naomi Campbell

Thumbnail of model Naomi Campbell with her hands raised in a flowly dress in a hall of mirrors surrounded by her reflection.

Equinox, the luxury American fitness company, is gearing up for their latest venture, the Equinox Hotel in the Hudson Yards. They’ve just announced their campaign, a video starring the most coveted talent in the industry, Naomi Campbell. Directed by Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, the big names involved in the campaign could only allude to the five-star extravagance that this new hotel is going to serve.

The video, entitled For Those Who Want it All, shows Campbell engaging in a variety of actions, all divided up into three parts. Part 1, Move, shows her boxing and stretching in a trippy, mirrored room. Part 2, Nutrition, gets sensual with some shiny lip gloss and juicy cherries, and, Part 3, Dream, has Campbell in an ethereal, floating dress, captured in slow motion. Everything is shiny, luxe, and futuristic.

Source: VMagazine Published on: Mon Feb, 4
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