Equinox Hotels and Naomi Campbell Make Fitness an Aesthetic

Model Naomi Campbell is looking straight into the camera with her eyes open. She is standing in front of a bright white background wearing a white dress with a band.

A little over a month into 2019, many people have let go of their fitness resolutions as busy lifestyles take over. Some might have an expensive gym membership sitting unused, while others might simply feel regret, but Equinox has provided new inspiration by releasing the campaign for their new hotel initiative. With Naomi Campbell as its star, the video is a reminder of the beauty and peace of a healthy lifestyle, which will now be easier to achieve within a packed schedule.

Shot by Nick Knight’s SHOWstudio, the campaign follows Campbell on a journey of movement, nutrition, and regeneration. Fitting to many of today’s trendy fitness classes, the supermodel meditates, trains, and snacks in an environment filled with colored lights. This makes for a visual feast, but it’s also a clear moment of relief as Campbell works on herself away from a busy, oversaturated world.

Source: Lofficiel Singapore Published on: Thu Feb, 7
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