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Equinox Club Members log in here to unlock special rates, complimentary workout gear laundry and early check in or late check out when available.

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premier bedroom suite with living room

Spread out in style with every second night at 30% when you book any of our luxurious and expansive suites. Each suite is fashioned with a separate living room and you can enjoy a deep soaking tub in our Premier Suites for a little extra me-time. We’ll also make arrival easy with free valet parking.

young woman sitting on bed, drinking from a cup

Experience even more with a complimentary third night at the world’s first Equinox Hotel. Discover our urban oasis — with lush open spaces and the Hudson River just steps away in New York’s newest neighborhood, Hudson Yards.

woman stretching

Look inward. Take a stance. Make it happen. Discover a place where compromise doesn’t exist with exceptional value. Commit to your stay in advance and receive 10% off.

closeup of woman on spa massage table

Whether you’re looking for a change of scenery as a way to reconnect with loved ones or as a respite from them, a stay at our urban oasis is the perfect remedy. With a complimentary room upgrade and valet parking, hotel credit to use however you’d like – you’re set to reboot.

Two girls in a sauna

Mother deserves a break and our Momcation is the perfect formula for a getaway to reboot. Escape to our urban oasis alone or make time to reconnect with someone special while you enjoy a weekend of luxury bliss.

Unlocking Peak Performance

Welcome to the cutting edge of luxury travel – an immersive experience where every square inch is curated to elevate your health, maximize performance, and ensure you get the kind of sleep usually reserved for dreams. In this deep-dive, we unfurl the innovative tapestry of sleep at Equinox Hotels, not only as an essential component of health but as the very cornerstone of a 24-hour high-performance lifestyle.

In a world where high achievers battle to balance countless responsibilities, Equinox Hotels dares to redefine the epitome of luxury. It’s not about more, it’s about better. And the first step toward this ‘better’ begins with the one-third of our lives we spend catching those essential Zs.

Equinox Hotel Rooms | The Sleep Sanctuary

The Hardware of Optimal Rest

The rooms at Equinox Hotels are the hardware, the very foundation for the software of sleep to take effect. Every inch is imbued with the intent to induce a state of restive bliss. From the serene palette to the soundproof windows, the Equinox bedroom is like a sanctuary, offering solitude and silence, two often elusive elements in a world of constant interruption. With the tap of the ‘Dark. Quite. Cool’ bedside iPad button, you can shut your room down to the optimal sleep environment.

The AM + PM Rituals Program

The AM + PM Rituals is our innovative circadian program designed to help you feel naturally alert in the AM and unwind before bed in the PM through a series of movements, breathwork, meditations and tips. With gentle stretching opening up the body from sleep and breathwork designed to enhance cognitive flow, the AM Ritual will support natural wakefulness through decreasing brain fog from the night prior and increasing blood flow throughout the body and to the brain. The PM Ritual help to relax the body, lower cortisol levels and slow your brain wave state through gentle breathing exercises and mindful meditations.

The RoomBar

The RoomBar, where over 80 products line the shelves, each contributing to a different aspect of your sleep, sex, skin, or stamina. It’s not just a minibar; it’s a maximized performance pantry. All tailored to your needs, all within arm’s reach, waiting for the moment you choose to access your finest. At Equinox Hotels, sleep well is more than a tagline, it’s a promise woven into the very fabric of the guest experience.

The Sleep-Inducing Menu

Wrapped within the cozy confines of your domain, Equinox Hotels offers a Sleep-Well Menu, featuring an array of culinary selections tailored induce melatonin to prepare for sleep. It’s not just what you eat, but when, that can have a profound impact on your rest, and Equinox Hotels has calibrated these bespoke menus to be timed perfectly for each guest, as we recommend enjoying our Sleep-Well items 1-2 hours before bed.

premier king room
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The Equinox Fitness Club | Movement Inspired

While the room experience sets the stage, the Equinox Fitness Club ensures the performance momentum is never lost. This transcends the ordinary concept of a gym; it’s a space that promotes continual movement. Through tiered fitness regimes, personal training, pilates, and a spectrum of pools and thermal circuits, guests are encouraged to integrate movement into their day, aligning with their body’s natural rhythm.

Robust Group Fitness Programming

Join in the rhythm of life with our robust group fitness programming. From dawn salutations to high-intensity workouts, there’s an activity for every proclivity. Move not just for the joy of action, but for the fulfillment of disciplined activity – the kind that ensures your slumber is as earned as it is enjoyable.

Personal Training and Tier X Coaching

Personal Training and Tier X coaching isn’t just about having someone count your reps; it’s a partnership in the pursuit of peak conditioning. Tailored workouts and Sleep Coaching aligned to your goals ensure that every session is a step towards the grand performance that is the human body when honed to precision.

Plunges, Pools, and Performance Recovery

A jewel amidst the city, Equinox Hotels boast a salt-water indoor lap pool, an outdoor lounge pool and hot-and-cold plunges – the ancient secret of recovery brought to the modern day. Here, the contrast therapy invigorates a sleepy body with the shock of cold and the restoration of warmth.

The Spa by Equinox Hotels | Where High-Tech Meets High-Touch

The Spa by Equinox Hotels isn’t just another relaxation oasis; it’s a high-tech, high-touch haven meticulously designed to enhance performance and recovery. The spa offers exclusive circuits that are a blend of technology and healing practices. From the invigorating 3-minute -150°F cryotherapy to the soothing sound wave therapies that support sleep, each circuit is crafted to deliver an unparalleled experience.

The spa’s legendary treatments continue to astonish, from the rejuvenating lymphatic drainage massages to the immersive MLX Dome, in sundry offering tailored to each guest’s unique needs. The spa’s post-treatment options are as diverse as they are sumptuous, with a superfood menu designed to complement and prolong the revitalizing effects of the treatments.

Some of our sleep spa favorites are:

The Superfood Spa Menu

Enter the superfood spa menu designed to heal from within. A symphony of nutrition awaits, from quick bites to leisurely meals. It’s the food that fast-tracks healing, ensuring that the restoration begun in the fitness club and the room finds its full form in revitalizing nourishment.

Sound Wave Therapies and Lymphatic Drainage

Indulge in the mysterious realm of Sound Wave Table  and Lymphatic Drainage, technologies firmly rooted in science, work alongside time-honored touch therapies to unlock your body’s potential.

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Food + Beverage | Indulgently Health

The Performance Indulgence Continuum

Indulgence redefined, and it’s not a paradox: it’s the performance indulgence continuum that is the food and beverage experience at Equinox Hotels. From hearty comfort foods to the super-food lattes and elixirs that defy the laws of attraction for the palate, Equinox Hotels food and beverage offerings are deliciousness designed with performance in mind.

Wining and Dining for Health

The expansive terrace and Electric Lemon, the flagship restaurant at Equinox, invites you to savor a meal as you would an experience. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary sensation, a performance of plates that balances the act of indulgence with the precision of performance nutrition.

A Banquet for the Senses

The Equinox culinary experience is a pathway to peak performance, not just as a one-time revelation but as a constant cycle of rejuvenation. It’s a banquet for the senses, a symposium of savorings, and a repast that promises to recharge as much as it refines.

Total Regeneration | The Final Act

Performance Beyond Measure

For those who seek it, for those who demand it, Equinox Hotels offers a way to unlock a performance beyond measure. With sleep that is finely engineered, movement that is mindfully integrated, restoration that is meticulously curated, and nourishment that is consciously pampered, your stay at Equinox Hotels is more than a trip – it’s a transformation.

As we ponder the meaning of luxury and the necessities of performance, Equinox Hotels presents the answer. It’s not about removing one from the other – it’s about incorporating both seamlessly, enhancing each, to create an experience that is as indulgent as it is integral.


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